International acclaim for lecturer

Wednesday 24 July 2013

A Bedford College lecturer has received international acclaim after publishing books on improving literacy and numeracy skills for people in the UK.

Kevin Norley, Functional Skills Lecturer at Bedford College, was invited to talk at the European Conference of Social Science in Istanbul in June and at the Multi-cultural Education Conference in Finland in August.

The conference in Instanbul focused on a new book “Multicultural Education: From Theory to Practice”.  The book is an international collaboration from academics around the world, including Kevin who has written a chapter entitled “Language, Social Class, Ethnicity and Educational Inequality”.

With over 20 years’ experience of teaching in further education colleges, schools  and learning centres within the UK and Africa, Kevin recognised the need to improve literacy and numeracy skills and now works with adults to improve their skills so that they can access further education courses and improve career prospects.

Kevin Norley explains:

“As a Science Teacher I noticed that some students were struggling with English and Maths.  These subjects have a direct impact across the curriculum.

“I started putting together ideas on the most effective way of teaching Maths so that students can learn to the best of their ability.  The aim is to make the subject more straightforward, clear cut and to the point.  It is important to interest students from the earliest age and throughout their education.   Teaching methods are often laborious and ineffective.  That needs to change.

“It is also important for teachers to correct language and grammar in schools – literacy has a direct impact on lives and creates opportunities for greater knowledge, skills and employment. 

“People need literacy and numeracy skills so that they can function and engage in society.

“I am grateful to Bedford College for giving me the opportunity to attend the conference in Istanbul.   It was interesting to take part in an international conference about education and to bring back ideas for the benefit of both teachers and students here.”

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