Consultation event invitation to new Technical Academy

Friday 25 October 2013

A new free option in education for pupils aged 13+ with the focus on technology training is being planned in Bedford.

The proposed Bedford Technical Academy will offer a “rigorous combination of  academic and technical education” leading to a Technical Baccalaureate (equivalent to A Levels) - a technical qualification in a specialised area, and, a critical Maths qualification.

Supported by employers, who are calling out for young people to be better qualified for the modern workplace, the Technical Academy will offer only 624 places at full capacity of students aged 13 -19. This exclusive education in technology will help them command better jobs in the future.

Specialist study pathways will include: Creative Technologies (product design and games design), Science (Lab and IT technician, Veterinary Nursing & Health Professional) and Service Technologies (Hotel and Retail management).

A consultation event is being held from 10 am – 12 noon on Saturday November 16th at The Bedford Sixth Form in Bromham Road, Bedford. All are welcome. More details can be found on the Bedford Technical Academy website.


This is the latest project by Bedford College, which is leading the way in innovation in education in the county.

*Together with the Harpur Trust it sponsored Bedford Academy which led to an investment of £25 Million in local education by the Government

*It project-managed Bedford Free School offering parental choice for 11+ education. The school which opened in September 2012, now has a waiting list for Years 8, 9 and 10.

*Bedford Sixth Form, opened at the former Girl’s High School in Bromham Road in September 2012, increased student numbers by 20% in its second year of recruitment among those wanting to study A Levels in a specialised environment.

*It has transformed the traditional agriculture Shuttleworth College into one which prepares young people for all land-based learning careers.

“We are in a global economy where business, manufacturing and services can be sourced from anywhere in the world and our young people have to be trained to compete. Even in those areas where people cannot be replaced by computers, staff need to be  to master and manage technology,” said Ian Pryce CBE CEO and Principal of Bedford College.

“We do not shy away from challenges because they are difficult, our job is shape a future for the young people of Bedfordshire and their families. We respond to public demand and this is evidenced by the number of parents and students who want to take up the educational opportunities we have made available.

“Without the right training  young people will face a future of poorly paid employment and all that means for them and their community.

“We must focus on technology, technology, technology.”