Bedford Technical Academy is answer to top jobs crisis

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Access to the best paid, permanent jobs is restricted due to the lack of modern workplace skills, says a new national report. *

Children will be locked out of the best British jobs if they don’t learn the right skills demanded by 21st Century employers.

Bedford College is proposing a solution. In addition to its traditional Post-16 careers-orientated training, it is planning to open a 13+ Technical Academy in September 2015 to prepare children for future jobs.

Ian Pryce CBE, Principal and CEO of the nationally award-winning college asks parents to stop and listen now – and allow their children to join one of two “action” events lined up for April 26th and 30th.

“Parents need to understand that their children will be the generation that is competing in a global market place for jobs ten years from now.”

“If parents consider how technology has advanced in ten years, it is equally difficult to grasp what the workplace will look like a decade from now.”

“Teenagers have grown up with and embrace technology as part of their daily lives. To them it is second nature. They are not afraid of a future dominated by technology.”

“We will be bringing in professionals from the advancing industries of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) to give extra special classes to make sure Academy students can compete in the jobs market a decade from now.”

“It isn’t about comparing what the local upper schools offer; it is about keeping up with how rest of the world is educating its young people. Otherwise we will be left behind, unskilled and with huge youth unemployment such as they have elsewhere in Europe already.”

Bedford Technical Academy will be hosting two events in career strands offered as part of the education at the proposed new Centre

Interested in working with animals? You will need IT skills for Veterinary Nursing. Visit the Animal Centre at Shuttleworth College on Saturday April 26th 10 – 12 noon to find out more.

Interested in Science and Technology as a career? Join our action event at Bodyflight on Wednesday April 30th 5 pm – 8pm.

Pre-registration is required at both events.

* KPMG Accountants and the Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC) April 2014.

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