The bull that Jamie Oliver bought - is now a Daddy

Friday 14 February 2014

Friday Feast TV episode (Friday 14 February) to feature Shuttleworth College

When Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty came to Shuttleworth College to be filmed on tractors for their Friday Night Feast programme, they left behind a large tip.

£700 was used to buy a Red Poll male – named Zulu – with the donation. The bull had been on loan to the farm for a few months romancing the herd.

Zulu’s harem of a dozen lovelies were soon found to be pregnant and the first one gave birth in time for the screening of Jamie’s show on 14 February.


Shuttleworth College Director Mike Johnston, who was filmed as part of the TV production commentating on a tractor and hay bale challenge, said: “It was a glorious sunny day with students and staff all turning out to watch the cast and crew. Jamie and Jimmy battled it out with the Bedfordshire Clanger versus the Cornish Pasty food fight.

“There was a lot of work in preparation for the filming and when they offered a donation we thought it would go to good use to support the livestock development at Kingshill Farm here on the estate.

“Students gain real life work experience and training down on the farm and that includes looking after Zulu, following the progress of the pregnancies of his cows and now, looking after the calves.”

Red Poll Cows are unusual in that they can be used as milk and beef yield animals. There are plans to produce Shuttleworth Steaks from the beasts in the future.

Shuttleworth College is part of Bedford College and offers thousands of young people training in land-based learning. This includes real life work experience on Kingshill Farm on the Old Warden estate where there are plans for a multi-million investment by Bedford College in the near future.

* Zulu had been on loan to Kingshill Farm prior to Jamie’s visit and had been romancing the herd which started the nine month gestation period before filming began. But Jamie’s donation means Zulu has been able to stay around to witness his family grow.

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