Technology Academy clicks with BBC

Thursday 9 January 2014

Current coverage of the world’s largest electronics event in Las Vegas by the BBC’s “Click” team shows where the best jobs will be in the future.

The “Click” team is reporting from the Consumer Electronics Association on technology innovations which will be commonplace five years from now.

The Bedford Technical Academy, proposed for September 2015,  will provide a great grounding for those aged 13+ who are switched on to future jobs using technology. A consultation event will be held on Thursday January 23 from 4pm – 7.30pm at he Bedford Sixth Form (former Harpur Trust School), Bromham Road, MK40 2BS.

“Parents need to understand that their children will be the generation that is competing in a global market place for jobs ten years from now,” says Ian Pryce Principal and CEO of Bedford College, which is proposing the academy.

“If parents consider how technology has advanced in ten years, it is equally difficult to grasp what the workplace will look like a decade from now.”

“Teenagers have grown up with and embrace technology as part of their daily lives. To them it is second nature. They are not afraid of a future dominated by technology.”

“We will be bringing in professionals from the advancing industries of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to give extra special classes to make sure academy students can compete in the jobs market a decade from now.”

“It isn’t about comparing what the local upper schools offer; it is about keeping up with how rest of the world is educating its young people. Otherwise we will be left behind, unskilled and with huge youth unemployment such as they have elsewhere in Europe already.”

“The Germans understand the importance of education which is led by employer demand and is demonstrated in the fact nearly all young people go into apprenticeships of some sort.”

Bedford College sets the standard for outstanding education in Bedfordshire. It helped bring £25 Million worth of investment into the Borough with the Bedford Academy. It project-managed the town’s first Free School which now has a waiting list for pupil. The Bedford Sixth Form at the former Harpur Trust School in Bromham Road, Bedford has attracted 500+ A-Level students from a wide radius.

Said Ian Pryce: “We are not afraid of change.  Our aim is to offer improved choice and higher standards in education for the people of Bedfordshire.”