£2 Million new build

Friday 9 May 2014

Bedford College has unveiled plans for a £2 Million building which will substantially improve the look of St Mary’s Street.

The College had earlier invested in a new-look gateway at ‘Ouse House’ right next door to the old Town Bridge. Now farther along it is going to build an important new building – which will be in keeping with the historic College House on the corner of Cauldwell Street.

College House is said to be oldest brick built property in the town centre. The new ‘LLDD Centre’ will reflect the colour and style of that old building.

Bedford College Principal and CEO Ian Pryce CBE said: “Our site has developed over decades – some of it with buildings which are not seen as ‘things of beauty’. However we are replacing it jigsaw piece by jigsaw piece, as finances allow and as the college expands.”

“We have turned the 1950s workshop block into a shining eco-beacon with our turbine-topped Brundtland Building – it looks fantastic and saves energy.”

“We have removed the unsightly old bus garage which used to be the art block and replaced it with the riverside South Bank Arts Centre.”

“Now we can improve the St Mary’s Street boundary with a building which is keeping with the area.”

Bedford College is investing millions in the Borough and Central Beds. It recently announced it had bought the former Girls’ High School which it had previously leased at the Bedford Sixth Form. It has plans to invest £5 Million in Shuttleworth College which it took over in 2009.

The Brundtland Building was first of its kind to be award the prestigious green BREEAM status.

The new LLDD building will accommodate learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

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