£30K Bonus for hard-working apprentices

Thursday 15 May 2014

A Bedfordshire charity is giving £30,000 to support 60 apprentices in construction and engineering at Bedford College.

Diligent Level 3 apprentices will be given £500 each to use on travel, tools or other expenses incurred as part of their preparation for careers in much needed skills.

The Kathleen and Michael Connolly Foundation (UK) Ltd has previously supported university students and various local school and community projects.

Presenting the cheque to Bedford College were foundation representatives Mr Andrew Rowe and Cllr Alison Field-Foster.

Bedford College Student Services Director Lesley Ferguson, Student Finance Manager Neil Keech and Apprentices Manager Mary Palmer joined Principal and CEO Ian Pryce in receiving the cheque.

Bedford College is the largest provider of apprentices in Bedfordshire and has a long tradition of supporting trainees into the fields of construction and engineering.

Said Ian Pryce: “This is tremendous boost for students who are being skilled in the latest technologies. We accepted the cheque in front of our Brundtland Building which is a shining example of modern engineering and construction techniques.”

Connolly Foundation Trustee Andrew Rowe added: “We are looking to support young people with ambition who will bring added value and industry growth to the county over time”.


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