Name the caiman competition

Monday 17 November 2014

A premature baby Caiman has been helped along to health by staff and students at the Shuttleworth College Animal Welfare training unit.

Now doing well in its own tropical tank, the ‘mini croc’ is still without a name, because it is impossible to tell yet whether it is boy or girl.

Name the caiman

Technician Sarah Aylen is the one who decides the name but she would like some help from local children or schools. The prize winner will be invited along to see the caiman at a special Christmas event on Sunday 14 December.

“We had the eggs in an incubator and I looked in to see one that had cracked and found the caiman sitting there looking at me. It was a month earlier than we would have expected them to hatch so it was a surprise,” said Sarah, a former student who now loves her job at the award-winning animal centre,

“However the caiman is coming along nicely with the help of a diet of locusts and steak.”

Caimans are among representatives of every almost every animal family at Shuttleworth College. Students gain experience in caring for the widest range of animals and insects, and some eight-legged monsters too.

Centre Manager Carl “Crocodile” Groombridge is proud that the advanced levels of training and education, particularly using technology to support learning, at Shuttleworth College are recognised nationwide.

“This not just a hands-on job, our students are tutored in technology which enables them to learn faster and prepares them for the workplace where computers are an essential part of farming or zoology centres.”

If you can come up with a name write to Shuttleworth College Director Mike Johnston, Old Warden Park, near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 9DX  before Sunday 30 November.

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