Shuttleworth apprentices tackle Storm Desmond damage

Thursday 10 December 2015

Weston Way Nursery School, Baldock for 3 and 4 year olds, called upon Shuttleworth College of help when their wood was battered by high winds.

The school has many trees in the grounds and one area, called the Small Wood, is a wildlife and play area for the children.  During the recent storms some of the trees were damaged and could have been a danger.

Tom Bowen and Robin McMichael plus Tree and Timber apprentices visited the school on Wednesday 9th December to examine the trees and fell any that were hazardous.

Head Teacher Jane Millett: “We are very grateful that Shuttleworth College could help us.  The children love the wooded play area and we couldn’t let them use it until we were sure it was safe.”

Tom Bowen Shuttleworth College Land and Environment Lecturer and Course Tutor said: “Some of the ivy covered trees were caught by the wind and fractured so we brought them down safely.

“Visits like this are great experience for our apprentices.  They gain practical experience of working safely, and at the same time we can help this community school.”

Professional and weekend chainsaw courses can be bought at Shuttleworth College. The former for land workers, the latter for Dads who are filling the wood burner for winter.

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