UTC On Top Form

Thursday 12 February 2015

University Technical College (UTC) Central Bedfordshire has been rated top in the UK in a Department of Education league table.

UTC Central Bedfordshire came first by providing the best value added score for vocational subjects.

Former education secretary Michael Gove asked Bedford College, which specialises in engineering and technology, to step in and sponsor the UTC last year.

In this latest analysis the UTC had a value added score of 1.43 – way above the national average of 0.8.

“This is great news for the UTC and for everyone in Central Bedfordshire and Luton.  The UTC has proven itself a top performer and offers a new high quality choice for parents.  Last year every student gained a job or a place at University too, 100% success” said Ian Pryce CBE, Chair of the UTC.

Bedford College adds value to the University Technical College because of its status as the leading provider of employer-related education in the county. It has links with 1,000 companies including the top 150 engineering firms in Bedfordshire.