Building jobs for the future

Wednesday 3 June 2015

A “high energy” event encouraging young people to pursue careers in sustainable construction was staged at Bedford College.

School pupils from the ages of 11 upwards were invited to take part in a variety of fun activities which introduced them to a wide range of careers in construction.

After lunch there was a regional careers event with architects, ecologists and engineers on hand to talk to older students about routes to well-paid careers.

“Expertise in construction is very much in demand,” said Project Manager Mark Eustace of Bedford College,

“We wanted this event to connect to those who have never considered a career in construction and to explain to others just how many professions are involved in the fast growing industry. Yes it is about bricklayers but it is also about engineers and architects, project managers and environmentalists.”

The event was linked to the construction of a £2 Million LLDD building on the college campus overlooking St Mary’s Street, Bedford. The building will eventually how those with additional learning needs.

Contractors Ashe Construction have enabled students, who will eventually be housed in the building to get involved with the project. They have also engaged with Bedford College’s own construction students so they could learn from the very best building practices in action on the campus.

Added Mark: “This LLDD project has been a great example of how all of our students have been able to work with a first class contractor to create a real asset for the community.”

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