Top Ten Things to learn about Apprenticeships

Monday 9 March 2015

1/ Bedford College is the No.1 training provider for apprenticeships in Bedfordshire working with world class companies including Bosch Rexroth, Axis Electronics, Bourns Ltd, HMG Communications Centre and many more. It currently has approximately 1,000 apprentices in training (2014/15).

2/ Bedford College’s large Cauldwell Street campus houses construction, electrical, engineering, technology and computing trainees plus those working in health and social care, and office or retail apprenticeships. It should be noted that as well as apprenticeships in “traditional” fields, many employers, with the encouragement of Bedford College, commit to the “apprenticeship” route to employ and train one or more young people.

3/ Bedford College also has five other locations where apprentices attend to complete study away from the day to day work place.

*The former BTG industrial unit in Brunel Road, Bedford for engineering apprentices.

*Gas and Plumbing at Woburn Road Industrial Park, Kempston.

*Vehicle Technology, Woburn Road Industrial Park, Kempston.

*Brooks, Hair and Beauty Training Salon, High Street, Bedford

*Shuttleworth College campus at Old Warden for farming/land-based apprenticeships*

4/ It put together the bid of partners to run one of only 20 new Government-funded Apprenticeship Graduations held on March 5th 2015.

5/ New for 2015 is Robotics and Mechatronics (integration of mechanical, electronic and computer-based technology training).

6/ Bedford College apprentices won awards at the November 2014 World Skills competition at Birmingham this month. Bedford College was among only 16 Premier Colleges featured at the national event to showcase skills across variety of industries.

7/ The Government and Ofsted have praised Bedford College’s leadership in engineering education support for local schools. Students seek and win top quality apprenticeships – such as with Lockheed Martin of Ampthill.

8/ Bedford College now has its own Job Shop directing 16+ students towards employers for work experience, part-time and eventually full-time jobs. This works with the in-house College Sales and Apprenticeships teams which support employers through the complex paperwork and regulations towards taking on an apprentice.

9/ Bedford College is a member of the EEF, a national employers organisation which counts among its members the UK’s leading manufacturers most of whom employ apprentices.

10/ New Year 2015 Bedford College was told it had won Government funding for a new £4.5 Million advanced centre at Cauldwell Street.

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