Mission is Possible with Mailbox

Thursday 28 April 2016

The team at Mailbox in Park Street, Luton can claim to have made Tom Cruise’s film mission possible thanks to a special delivery to a film set in Canada.

Franchise owner Guy Keen had to arrange an overnight shipment from Luton, across the Atlantic, of the dashboard of the specific right-hand drive BMW needed for close-ups inside the car.

“We did it and it wasn’t cheap but the cost was nothing compared to the multi-million dollar film budget,” said Guy.

He and his team, including apprentice Tania Anderson who joined Mailbox via the Bedford College Luton Training Centre in nearby Castle Street, deal with everyday deliveries five days a week. Postal services range from selling First Class stamps to acting as a “One Drop” click and collect point for home and business deliveries, mailing every size and shape of parcel and design and print. www.mbeluton.co.uk

“The busiest time for print finish services is when the students from the University of Bedfordshire are rushing to get dissertations printed at the end of the year, we have a queue out of the door. Our record was binding 600 documents in a day,” added Guy.

Mailbox started in the United States being just that - a mailbox service where people could have what is known in the UK as a PO Box. This is somewhere where businesses, or people, can have an official postal address. At Luton they have unlimited availability of space attached to the deceptively small shop premises.

Guy got into the business having worked in the electrical safety industry. He knows how important good service is to customers and to that end employed Tania on a Customer Service apprenticeship. He talks about the experience: “I had tried to employ an apprentice via one organisation which basically just forwarded unvetted names on to me and left me to try and arrange interviews, and guess what, the people didn't turn up. With Mary Palmer and Bedford College it was a completely different experience, exemplary service in fact. I couldn’t have asked for more help.”

Now Tania, 17, of Luton is learning the ropes of a very varied business. “I saw an advert on-line via Bedford College, applied and had an interview at the Luton Training Centre who recommended me for an interview at Mailbox. I am learning all sorts of new things here about business mailing, print and services.”

Want to know how Bedford College can help you employ an apprentice? Or interested in apprenticeship employment?  Talk to the Luton office on (01582) 414178 or log on to www.bedford.ac.uk 

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