A higher plain for art

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Higher National Diploma Fine Arts students from Bedford College have been installing outdoor exhibits in the grounds of Old Warden Park.

The works were all inspired by the beautiful grounds which house Shuttleworth College, part of www.bedford.ac.uk

Lauren Martin, from Bedford, recycled books and positioned them around a tree where they will be weathered-in to demonstrate the re-cycling of life. She has already won a commission to design the stage set for a play being staged at Bedford Corn Exchange later in the year.

Lucy Cousins of Sandy created a straw pig called Gloria and positioned it down-wind of a real piggery, which is part of the farm and land-based education campus near Biggleswade. 

Tamika Hibbert (left) of Bedford created two leaves, to be viewed across an expanse of grassland between the trees.

Tia Hibbert has created a series of faces, inspired by nature to blend in with the natural environment. (right)

Karen Hughes of Milton Keynes learned how to blacksmith wrought iron and how to make stained glass. Her kinetic sculpture now sits in front of the famous Warden Pear trees, which have been saved from extinction by Shuttleworth lecturer Paul Labous. The pear DNA dates back to the 13th Century and was mentioned by Shakespeare in one of his plays. 

Rebecca Fraser, of Wixams, created pinecone-shaped pears which are coloured to reflect the seasons in the gardens and grounds of Shuttleworth.

Rosie Zieinski, of Bedford, intertwined moss into the bark of a majestic Sweet Chestnut tree at Shuttleworth.


Whispering grass

One very special project, by a student who prefers to remain anonymous, is a “sound scape” where the talents of the art and design, electrical, and media departments were combined to record the popping sound of sap rising, sheep bleating, trees swaying in the breeze - all combined with the working environment of tractors, chainsaws and outdoor education students splashing about on the water.

Head of Art at Bedford College, Alan Parsons, said: “This is a fantastically creative piece of art which has used blended concept awareness, electronics and sound editing technology to create a symphony of sounds of Shuttleworth. It will be on the college website soon.”

“The whole project has challenged students to think in ways which takes art education at Bedford College on to the higher level required by the best universities and those who commission art.”

Want to take your creative skills to a higher plane? Go to www.bedford.ac.uk