Climbing higher with adventure careers

Thursday 17 November 2016

Employers offering work experience in outdoor adventure careers around the globe were at a Shuttleworth College event open to schools from across the county.

Exciting jobs in sailing, climbing, skiing and more are won by those who sign up to Shuttleworth College at 16.  Among the 20 employers were Camp America and closer to home, Center Parcs, Kempston Box End water park, Essex Outdoors and Bedfordshire Police. In addition five universities offering progression routes to Higher Education were there.

Center Parcs

Those visiting the event were current Shuttleworth students who live in towns like Rushden, Luton and Woburn and who were interested in careers in sailing, the military and going on to university for management studies.

“Many of the exhibitors from adventure companies studied at Shuttleworth and we invited alumni and local schools to attend too,” said Daniel Playford, Outdoor Adventure Courses Manager,

“It’s an increasingly popular event for an increasingly popular career choice. Most of our students go straight into jobs from Shuttleworth.” 

From next year it is planned there will be an option for students to study a degree level course through a BTEC HNC/D in Sport (Leisure Management). They would complete two years of a degree at Shuttleworth with the third at university.

“This will give them the chance to join us at entry level age 16, carry on at Shuttleworth and then have the ‘going away to university’ experience for the third year of their degree. This is more cost effective than going away for three years to university of course,” added Daniel,

“Alternatively students who complete two years at Shuttleworth are well qualified to apply to a wide range of universities across the UK offering outdoor/sport courses.”

If you want to pursue a career in adventure, sports or military services find out more about our Public Services, Sport or Outdoor Adventure courses.