New bond with business

Monday 24 October 2016

Leading adhesive brand Gorilla Glue and the carpentry and multi-trade departments at Bedford College, have forged a new partnership, establishing Gorilla Glue as the team’s new official adhesive partner. 

Supporting the students working towards a career in the building industry, Gorilla Glue has not only donated a year’s supply of Gorilla Glue products to the College, but has further cemented the partnership, by developing an interactive demonstration day and a cross-department competition, that saw Joe Kirtley, Lochie Sheen, Rory Shorten, Lewis Steele and Jamie Viney crowned as Apprentice Champions.

The Gorilla Glue team worked with Carpentry and Joinery Course manager, Baz Durrant, to guide over 40 students through the Gorilla Glue project, to construct a range of planters and chairs. Using only Gorilla Glue products, the students displayed their completed projects and the Gorilla Glue judges crowned the new Apprentice Champions, for their tough and durable wooden garden chair.

Winning their own Gorilla Glue tool box packed with Gorilla Glue prizes, Joe Kirtley said: “It feels amazing to have put so much effort in and to be rewarded for it. We enjoyed the teamwork and we love Gorilla Glue.”

Simon Damp, Managing Director of Gorilla Glue Europe said: “The students at Bedford College are the trade professionals of the future. At Gorilla Glue we want to work closely with them, to not only demonstrate the quality and versatility of the Gorilla Glue product range, but to give them a head start in their careers. We want to give them the tools and the additional know-how to produce great results and we will support them every step of the way.”

“We were extremely impressed by the quality of the apprentices’ wooden garden chair, and the hard work and creativity that this project demonstrated. It fits the Gorilla Glue credentials as it is tough, durable and they are worthy winners.”

Carpentry and Joinery course manager, Baz Durrant said: “I think that it has been very effective, especially with the apprentices, being that they are now likely to become Gorilla Glue customers in their future careers after using these products and learning more about them.”    

The Gorilla Glue College partnership campaign, is part of the Gorilla Glue Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, to give students working towards careers in the building industry a clear advantage and a head start in their chosen trade.

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