Chloe Makes It To Wembley Final

Thursday 14 December 2017

Successful beauty apprentice Chloe Field was among the line-up at Wembley for the National SME awards.

Chloe makes it to Wembley FinalThe event followed another evening of success when she was selected for a special prize by Brooks Hair & Beauty Spa apprenticeship team for a Bedford College award.

Chloe works with Kel’s Belles in Clair Court off Lime Street, Bedford. 

Her boss Kelly was a student in the Hair & Beauty department, worked on cruise ships and 5 star salons before starting her own business. Kelly undertook professional training at Bedford College to improve her skills in training others (now called Level 3 award in Education and Training).

It’s paid off with Chloe. Want to know more about careers and on-going training in Hair & Beauty? Click here.