Apprentice to Masters

Friday 6 January 2017

Master craftsman is a term associated with olden times, when people progressed from being an apprentice to a recognised expert in a specialist field over a seven year period. 

Now that term is being revived as people can progress to take their “Masters” degree after starting as an apprentice at 16.

The new look apprenticeships are taking people higher and higher so they can grow from an early start at 16 with good GCSEs, to ‘earning while learning’ and reaching a BSc and then a Masters.

The career path is one favoured by employers who want to “get them young and train them our way”.

Businesses seeking highly skilled staff and wanting to grow managers from within heard about the Government plans for higher apprenticeships at an event organised by Bedford College. The changes are being pioneered by the engineering industry, where Bedford College leads the way in running courses leading to a BSc qualification, but the pathway is open to all businesses.

The new Government apprenticeship levy, where all employers with a payroll of over £3 Million, pay into a fund from which they can draw down costs for training, is on the horizon. 

“Bedford College is working hard to keep businesses informed with how the new scheme will affect them. There are opportunities too for smaller companies who want to get involved,” explained Business Development Team Leader Gina Bubbins at the College.

To find out more about apprenticeships for your business download the Bedford College guide at

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