Setting apprenticeship standards

Monday 9 January 2017

In partnership with international motor giant General Motors, Bedford College is setting the “standards” in apprenticeships.

Mechatronics, the combination of mechanical engineering and electronics is a specialised training required by the Luton-based “Vauxhall” business.

The course is the only one in the region which meets the new Government ‘standards’ for apprenticeships to match modern industrial demands. Under the new ‘standards’ as opposed to more generalised ‘framework’ apprenticeships, employers dictate details of the training they need to support their business.

“Bedford College is pioneering these standards by working with General Motors and we expect to be able to spread that best practice across other apprenticeships to meet Government ‘standards’,” said Rob Stonehouse from Engineering at Bedford College.

The significance of meeting ‘standards’ will be important as the new Government Apprenticeship Levy is rolled out across the UK in April 2017. Bedford College has been hosting a series of meetings about the levy and how it will impact on companies. Smaller firms will not have to pay the levy, but will receive 90% government funding towards their apprenticeship training. They may pay nothing and will receive a further £1,000 towards taking on an apprentice aged under 18.

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