Kevin in Korea

Monday 31 July 2017

Bedford College’s Kevin Norley has been meeting Koreans at an international conference of educators.


He presented a paper on multicultural education (Language, Social Class, Ethnicity and Educational Inequality) at the Korean Association of Multicultural Education (KAME) conference at Seoul National University.

“In terms of their education system in general, and the STEM subjects in particular, I feel we have so much to learn from South East Asian countries, since they outperform us here on a number of levels.  

“In South Korea for example, they anticipate how rapid changes in technology and automation will affect the job market, and prepare the students for future employment accordingly.  In such societies, a culture of high expectations and educational achievement is imbibed both within the home and school from an early age and is maintained throughout the formal education system.”

In addition Kevin presented a paper on the mentoring of maths teachers (Mentoring teacher trainees of mathematics for ESL learners in post-compulsory education: Reflections and challenges) at the FE Festival of Skills, held at Wellington College, Berkshire.

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Kevin Norley currently teaches adult English and maths at Bedford College. With a background of teaching in FE colleges, schools, a prison and a training provider, he brings his experience to bear in the writing and editing of books, and in the writing of research papers on education. He has been widely published in internationally edited journals and books, and has presented his papers (on subjects including multicultural education, mentoring, technology and teaching methods, the development of numeracy skills, social class and education, the development of writing skills, and factors affecting the language development of EAL learners) at a wide variety of international conferences (including at universities in Helsinki, Seoul, Oxford, St Petersburg, Sarajevo, Rome and Istanbul). Following an invitation from the IASSR (International Association of Social Science Research), he also presented one of his papers as a keynote speaker at their conference in Bucharest in 2015.

Presenting in 2017 at:

FE Week Festival of Skills, Wellington College, Crowthorne, Berkshire: June 22 – 23

Korean Association of Multicultural Education (KAME), 'Creating Global Citizens in a Multicultural Society', Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea: May 17 - 19

Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM), 'Mathematical Learning Journeys', Crowne Plaza, Stratford Upon Avon: April 10 -13


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Lecturer in functional skills maths and English, maths for ESOL, and GCSE English and maths Department of ELT and adult English and maths Bedford College Cauldwell St Bedford MK42 9AH

Tel: 01234 291227

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