Top engineering outcomes

Monday 31 July 2017

Students from Bedford College’s Engineering Technology Centre have gone on to win the best engineering university and apprenticeship jobs in the region. 

Their success demonstrates the expertise brought to the former UTC in Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire by Bedford College. Although the centre is now closing, the quality of teaching and guidance continue to be available at the Bedford College campuses in the county town.

Andy Osborne who took over as Head of Engineering at Houghton Regis explained that the intervention by Bedford College enabled staff to focus on the technical training.

“All 10 students who applied for University gained offers from their chosen uni, many unconditional.   Feedback from uni interviews was that what they have done here pretty much replicates the first year of uni, so the students are perfectly set up for entry.  The successes included Civil Engineering at Manchester and Motorsport Engineering at Huddersfield.

“Apprenticeships gained have also been tremendous:

“Amazon took on four Mechatronics apprentices locally. The feedback from the Amazon recruitment manager was that they were very impressed with them throughout.”

Others included apprenticeships at Leonardo (formerly Selex), Lockheed Martin,  Jaguar Land-Rover and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Ian Pryce CBE, Principal and CEO of the The Bedford College Group said: “Bedford College demonstrated that great quality teaching and management combined with good relationships with employers provided several years worth of quality recruits into the demanding engineering sector from the Houghton Regis campus. We replicate that work at our campuses in North Bedfordshire and will be strengthening the offer via courses on offer at Tresham in Northamptonshire.”

The Houghton Regis campus closes this summer due to issues going back recruiting at the UTC required age of 14 amid a three tier/age 13 Upper School setting of Central Beds. All students completed their courses successfully. Going forward students from the South of the county are able to sign up to study at Bedford and may be eligible for travel bursaries offered by Bedford College.