Bubbins means Business

Monday 26 June 2017

Gina Bubbins has been appointed Director of Business Development for Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes/Buckinghamshire for Bedford College.

Now the No. 1 college in the South East Midlands region, and one of the largest in the UK, Bedford College has links across the spectrum of business and commerce - providing companies with the skilled people they need to keep up the fast-changing market place.

Gina joined the College 11 years ago from Autoglass, an international company with outstanding customer sales and service. She brought along those “real business” skills to developing the sales team for the College, creating and improving links with 1,000+ employers in the process

“Our success in Business Development is in looking at training from the perspective of the employer and their needs. They want their people to be the best they can be to support their company and its potential growth. The more we help businesses thrive, the better future for everyone - employers and would-be employees,” said Gina.

Ian Pryce CBE Principal and CEO of Bedford College said: “Our team makes a valuable contribution to the SEMLEP* economy by enabling business to grow, and, following our merger with Tresham College in Northamptonshire to create the ‘Bedford College Group’  we are a £60 Million college and one of the biggest outside of major cities.”

“We are proud to say that the county town of Bedford is now the epicentre of employability and skills training for young people ranging from the age of 16 to degree-level learning in engineering and the arts.”