Apprenticeships - have your cake and eat it

Thursday 9 March 2017

The Bedford College apprenticeship team took to the High Street on Thursday ( 9th March) to prove that ‘earning while learning’ is a piece of cake.

Giving away Bedford College branded cupcakes and promoting free facials at Brooks Hair & Beauty salon, was a squad of apprentices led by Paige Dearman, aged 22, herself a former apprentice.

After gaining four A-Levels, Paige started working as a sales apprentice at Bedford College, took time out to travel the world, then came back to secure a job in marketing. During National Apprenticeship Week, Paige was positive proof that an apprenticeship can be a great start to a career. She is now enjoying extra training courses courtesy of the College and would even consider going back to being an apprentice in order to train as a manager in the future.

“An apprenticeship was a great opportunity for me, enabling me to earn while I was learning and then be able to afford a travel year before getting a great job at the College,” said Paige.

The new look apprenticeships offered by the Government mean you are never too old to learn a new trade. 

“We no longer live in a world when people have a job for life. What you want to do at 16 to 18 may be very different from what you want to do in your twenties and employers can now take advantage of the apprenticeship scheme to train people in the skills they want,” explained Gina Bubbins, Head of the Bedford College Business Development team which first took on Paige,

“We think Paige is a great example of how flexible an apprenticeship can be for a young person, allowing them to get some work experience under their belt instead of being burdened with expense of going away to university. She is now in a job in marketing which might have required a degree to simply get through the paper sift.”

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