The Bedford College Group Research Network: Past, present and future

The Bedford College Group Research Network is an informal meeting of researchers and those interest in research to support and share each other's work

Our past:

The network of teachers and support staff from across the college was created in 2014 with three aims:

  1. To develop each other as researchers
  2. To spread evidence across the college
  3. To promote research across the Further Education sector

The network has grown in the last 6 years and now has members across Bedford, Shuttleworth and Tresham Colleges.  We’ve worked within and outside the college to share our research; to this end we’ve shared our research internationally at conferences, books and journals.  This has helped up to shape research in the sector and how the sector sees itself, in recent conferences and sector-based books we have out-represented leading research focused Higher Education institutions allowing the sector to frame and represent itself to a greater extent.

Within the college we have successfully lobbied for the return for financial support of post-graduate qualifications and support for those undertaking research.

Our present:

At present we are trying to develop membership and networks across the three colleges, trying to find better ways of meeting, collaborating and sharing.  We are supporting PhD researchers and sector bodies to conduct research as well as research ourselves. 

Most recently we have been leading on the development of ChIRPS, the College Improvement Research Projects.  These projects aims to support any staff member from across the who want to change or improve something about the college financially as well as with support in the research process.

The future:

In our future we would like to continue the normalisation and support of research and innovation across the college.  We would like to welcome in staff who want to share non-research-based ways of developing knowledge through project evaluation, practice and updating.

We also envisage a future where staff and academic research evidence is used to inform college decision making in the same way as marketing research presently does. 

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