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Develop future talent in your organisation without paying a penny…

Traineeships are a new training programme designed to prepare young people aged 16 to 25 for life in employment, and your business could help by offering a work placement.

Traineeships are a brand new training programme that has been developed in response to employer feedback, with businesses like yours reporting that the young candidates you see for vacancies don’t have the right experience or skills you’re looking for.

Through traineeships Bedford College aims to bridge the gap between a young person’s education and the start of their employment by providing work preparation training – and your business can play its part to help shape the future and experience of your organisation or sector by offering a high quality work experience placement.

Traineeships give you the opportunity…
  • to trial young talent in your organisation for free
  • to shape a trainee’s experience before potentially taking them on as a new employee
  • to help create a pipeline of experienced young people for your business.

Benefits for your business
Traineeships have been designed to be as simple as possible for employers to get involved with and offer work placements to young people.

FREE to take part
It won’t cost you a penny to offer a valuable work experience placement to one of our trainees.

What does a traineeship involve?

Work experience
The traineeships programme lasts 16 weeks in total, with 12 weeks built around a substantial work experience placement that provides young people with valuable exposure to the working world. And your business could offer the perfect opportunity for one of our trainees…

Work skills
Traineeships also involve a range of work-related studies with Bedford College including CV writing, interview preparation, job search skills, interpersonal skills and Functional Skills in English and maths for those who haven’t already achieved a grade C at GCSE in each subject.

How it works

Week 1-4 » The trainee attends Bedford College and prepares for their work placement undertaking employability study and English and maths (if applicable).

Week 5-16 » The trainee attends Bedford College for one day per week, continuing with their English and maths training, and takes part in their work placement with an employer like you for 20 hours per week.

To take part, you’ll need to be committed to offering a high quality work experience placement that guarantees your trainee an exit interview on completion of the programme, as well as a reference they can take forward to future employment applications. Or, if the placement is particularly successful, you may be able to offer them a job interview if you feel a suitable role exists, or you may wish to offer an apprenticeship – in other words, a traineeship could be a trial placement to find a new employee for your business.

More information
Find out more about how traineeships can help your business by calling our Enterprise Team on 01234 291000.